Pilates is known as a full-body workout and a great tool that promotes the muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, stability, and body control with an emphasis on breathing. Pilates exercises are designed to work every muscle in the body, based on Joseph H. Pilates’ method, and big concepts of anatomical and kinesthetic connections. Pilates exercises performed on mats and equipment helps gain flow and control to maintain the quality of harmony and grace in movement in order to develop the integration of mental and physical control.


Pilates for TeensThe Pilates method can helps teenagers enhance their mind and body connection. The exercises increase overall flexibility and lean body mass while promoting their fundamental coordination and motor & learning skills. Pilates will also help children have a safe & fast recovery after their adolescent Growth Spurts.


Pilates for Athletes Pilates can teach the body to become more efficient and effective in every movement by teaching them how to control and center the body. Pilates exercises help athletes improve flexibility and balance, as well as prevent injuries including ACL, ankle and/or knee sprain.


Pilates for Dancers Pilates exercises help improve dancers’ alignment because it strengthens the postural structure, which allows the pelvis, ribcage and shoulders to rediscover their correct body posture. By gaining greater physical awareness and discovering different ways to share their own movements, Pilates training can be a perfect tool for dancers/students in order to cultivate their artistry and maturity in movements while developing muscle tones, coordination, and flexibility.



YOUN KYUNG LEE, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Youn Kyung Lee is from Seoul, South Korea. She came to the United States when she was sixteen years old. She received her dance training in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance at The Chicago Academy for the Arts and The Ruth Page Center for the Arts. Ms. Lee has a B.A. degree in dance pedagogy from Butler University, a M.F.A. degree in dance from The University of Oklahoma, and a M.S. degree in arts administration from Boston University. She has completed a comprehensive training program from Core Pilates NYC®.


In December 2012, she graduated from Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University with a M.A. degree in dance education, ABT Ballet pedagogy. Ms. Lee is an ABT® Certified Teacher in Primary through Level 7 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.